Friday, January 25, 2008

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mummy's Students

Ryley got this model airplane for Christmas. He recently completed it and painted it yesterday.

Today we studied more about ancient Egypt. After our reading/talking, the kids wrapped each other up as mummies.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Anna loves her new hat that Grandma and Grandpa H. sent for Christmas, even though Uncle Nate says she looks like Piglet in it!


Well, I'm an idiot! I lost the kind, thoughtful comments from the last couple of people. The reason this happened is that I had to delete the post in order to remove the picture of Jeremy and me. A true friend hinted that I should remove it by telling me it was too "fuzzy"...then I talked to my sister. Anyone who knows her can attest to her honesty (and really, what good is a sister if she's not honest with you?). She flat out told me to delete the picture because I looked "sick" and why didn't I bother to look at the pic before I posted it? So, Jane and Elizabeth, sorry I lost your comments!

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Have you noticed it's been FOREVER since I've updated this blog? (I hope so, as that would mean people are actually reading this thing! By the way, feel free to leave a comment...whoever you are!!:-) Our new camera broke Christmas Eve as we were in the process of taking a family picture. Therefore, as I have no new pictures to post, I thought I'd wait until it got repaired. But I wanted to mention what an awesome Christmas and New Years we had!
Christmas Eve afternoon was spent with some good friends at their annual open house. I made everyone promise they wouldn't eat much, as we needed to save room for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner of Alaska King Crab. Christmas morning was so great! Santa was generous to every Coke family member this year! (although we have no pictures to prove that!) In the afternoon, about two o'clock, our favorite Alaska family, the Horsmans, came over for Christmas dinner. We enjoyed turkey and all the fixings, this time with no throwing up (as the Horsman kids were plagued with at Thanksgiving)!!
My kiddos all got sick for the week between Christmas and New Years. Things got a bit hairy-and-scary, as Anna's temp hovered at 104 degrees for four days. She literally slept for three solid days and two solid nights...waking only when I brought herbal concoctions for her to sip and another cold rag for her head. The boys also succumbed to the sickness, with fevers, coughing, some throwing up and even the occasional hallucination. (Scary for kids...) Thankfully, Jeremy and I avoided it altogether.
On New Years Eve, we had some friends over for a quiet, cozy night. They shared some amazing firecrackers with us, and that was a huge hit with the boys! The kids hit the rack in intervals as they dropped like flies through the night. The last ones went to bed about 11, and we adults settled in to ring the New Year in busting a gut while watching a hilarious comedy dvd.
What's next?
We are preparing for our TRIP TO HAWAII!! We'll fly out on the 27th and be there for ten days. This is the first ever Coke Family Vacation. The kids are literally counting the days.