Monday, October 27, 2008


The other day the kids and I had a really fun spelling lesson on the Scrabble board. While I had to offer quite a bit of help to the younger two, the older boys were able to play alone quite well. We spent the better part of the morning on the game, although the kids dropped off one-by-one to go do more fun stuff, in accordance with their ages. The youngest stayed for the shortest time, and the oldest stayed until the end. Try it sometime with your kids, whether you homeschool or not. It's one of our favorite ways to "work" on language arts!


Jeremy and the boys went to a trapping clinic last Saturday, ALL DAY!! They got up early and headed into Anchorage to be there by 8:00. They learned so much about trapping and are gearing up to "get 'em some critters" up on the land as soon as trapping season opens. Our friend Tom gave the boys tons of traps and books/magazines on trapping and, coupled with this recent clinic, they now have all the ammo they need to successfully (and legally) trap, kill, skin, and tan the hides of whatever they get, whether it be wolverine, wolf, coyote, fox, mink, martin, lynx, or beaver!
Go Get 'Em, Boys!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!

Anna is so blessed with such good little girlfriends. She's already had several of MANY sleepovers to come!!

Last night Jayna and Quaid spent the night. The kids had been pleading with me all day. "PLEASE?? PLEASE can they spend the night?? Just ONE night??" So I said "yes" which I just love to do because from the sound of all the cheering, you'd think I just promised them a trip to Disneyland! Everyone (Mom, Dad, Nate, Elizabeth and the kids) came over for pizza and games last night. At bedtime, when we adults got out the ice cream and played a game, the sweet little girl giggles were never-ending. I do think they actually tried to go to sleep, but then some super loud and rowdy laughter would erupt around the dining room table and it just set the girls off again! Finally, we decided that because they were sleeping in the same bed on the floor, they were just like Mary and Laura Ingalls. Jayna even had a braid in her hair. I LOVE FAMILY.

Earlier in the day, while my boys and Quaid were off on an outing with Grandpa, and I was frantically cleaning before they came home, Grandma and Anna had a bit of girl time together.

And here's one more sleepover shot. Avery and Anna LOVE spending the night together. These pictures will be cherished forever.

Grandma Horsman's Birthday

Grandma (and now, Grandpa) are here for a visit. They are sharing their three weeks in Alaska between our family and Nate's family. Just two days after her arrival was Mom's birthday. We had Mom, Elizabeth, Nate and their kids over in the afternoon for a little party, after spending the morning baking the cake and decorating. The little celebration was so special and being able to share Mom's day together was unforgettable. She loved hearing all those children's voices singing to her, and if only Dad (who came a few days later) and Ruth and her family were here, it would have been a perfect party. Then after dinner, Mom went with our family into Anchorage for a bit of a surprise. We all got dressed up and took her to the Young at Heart Family Concert at the P.A.C. Unfortunately cameras are not allowed in the theatre, so we have to hold the memories only in our minds. The night was filled with scores from favorite children's movies. Of course, Anna loved all the princess ones (including The Little Mermaid, during which a mermaid was lowered from the ceiling on a swing). The highlight of the evening for my boys was when the symphony played the Star Wars songs and the stage was filled with Storm Troopers and several other important characters. I don't know what I enjoyed more: Listening to the music and watching the dancing/acting, or looking at my children's faces as they were mesmerized through most of the performances.
Hope you had a memorable day, Mom. WE LOVE YOU!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Out with the old...on with the new

We had an amazing fall this year. Of course, in my opinion it was much shorter than it should have been. Now winter seems to be here, with snow that has "stuck" despite the temp. rising above freezing at times. So in honor of the changing seasons, I thought I'd post some pictures documenting our adaptability! I took my kids, a friend, and our dog Lucy up to the land not long ago on an incredible fall day. We thoroughly enjoyed the clear blue sky, some intense sunshine, and the beautiful fall colors. The boys brought their BB guns and did some target practice. We looked for the spawning salmon in the creek, but they had already moved on.Less than a week later, the snow was here and we cuddled up by the fire in the morning with some cocoa and a great book. (We're reading Man of the Family, by Ralph Moody.)