Thursday, October 16, 2008

Out with the old...on with the new

We had an amazing fall this year. Of course, in my opinion it was much shorter than it should have been. Now winter seems to be here, with snow that has "stuck" despite the temp. rising above freezing at times. So in honor of the changing seasons, I thought I'd post some pictures documenting our adaptability! I took my kids, a friend, and our dog Lucy up to the land not long ago on an incredible fall day. We thoroughly enjoyed the clear blue sky, some intense sunshine, and the beautiful fall colors. The boys brought their BB guns and did some target practice. We looked for the spawning salmon in the creek, but they had already moved on.Less than a week later, the snow was here and we cuddled up by the fire in the morning with some cocoa and a great book. (We're reading Man of the Family, by Ralph Moody.)


committed to serve said...

Oh my gosh I just love the pictures. That has to be such an amazing feeling to know that the property is yours!! I wish we could be there to go hiking with you. I love the "coco moment" enjoy the snow for us, looks like another Christmas in the south for us :( man will it be nice to know where we are moving to ( we move in about four months and still have NO CLUE where !!) Oh well such is the Army life. Love you all

Linda Worden said...

Hi Sarah,
your updates are amazing! What fun and fabulous memories you are making with your family. I was reminded of the by-gone days when the 2 very special Sarahs in my life had regular sleep-overs at each other's homes. So glad you're carrying on the tradition with your daughter. Your Mom looks so young and happy. What joy for all of you to have precious time together. Say "Hi" to everyone. Check my blog for a message I posted today with some thoughts about the election "choice" we have very soon. What are your thought about Sarah Palin? I love her!!!