Monday, January 30, 2012

No Apologies! and The Launch of a New Blog!

I stop myself short of apologizing for being such a lame "blogger".  I wrestle with the idea of being online a lot, and as I remember back to my days of keeping the blog current, it seems I was always on the computer.  There are so many things we try to stay caught up on in life that lately the thought of broadcasting my thoughts into cyberspace feels a bit silly and unimportant.

BUT:  My kids really need a reason to write.  As much as I dislike change and technology, it's happening all around me; if I want my children to thrive it's likely that I need to recognize that fact and use it to our advantage.  I'm not into having them write with the idea that writing is the end, but the means to an end.  With that in mind I encouraged them to start up their own blog. I think they'll be so much more inspired and excited when I announce, "OK!  It's Language Arts time!" They launched their own blog once before while we were in the house-building mode, but between the generator system and satellite Internet, we were rarely able to get their posts published on the blog.  It was too discouraging to continue then, but circumstances have changed and we're at it again!

Ryley is taking online high school classes this year, so he's writing up a storm, for REAL reasons, as the means to an important end.
Josiah is very technology-minded.  Not only will he enjoy having a purpose to document his thoughts, he'll LOVE being to change formats, fonts, import things, etc...Plus, we have now completely switched over to the Mac (laptop and desktop) and it's just plain fun to play with! He's already written his first post and imported a picture from the web (which I've never even done before).
Isaac and Anna will bring their own personality to their blog.
Check in every now and then; I bet they'll update theirs much more often than I update this one!