Wednesday, February 27, 2013


 Yesterday I had to go into Anchorage for the day to attend a very difficult meeting.  I was exhausted by the end of the day and was almost home when I drove past the gravel pit behind our house and saw this.  It is a message stamped into the snow by Josiah and it says, "I love u mom  from J.C."  It was the most encouraging blessing I could have received at that moment.  I cried and couldn't wait to squeeze him and thank him for expressing his thoughts in this way.  (And now would be a really great time to have a decent camera.  My iphone camera didn't quite cut it...)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fun at Alyeska! (a.k.a: Vacation In a Day)

Today was Anna's FIRST day down-hill skiing.  She's a cross-country pro, and after one day on the slopes, she's a great down-hill skier as well.  We were all very impressed with the amazing progress she made in one day.  Watch out!  She's a daredevil!

Today was Josiah's first day down-hill skiing on groomed trails.  Wowzers.  He's got the hang of it, showing off taking jumps and double-black diamond runs.

The ride to Girdwood was fun.  We have a dvd player in our new Suburban and I don't let the kids watch it running errands around town.  This morning they watched a full length movie to start the vacation-in-a-day.

Today was Isaac's first day on groomed trails.  He's a snowboarder through-and-through and was waaaayyyy too brave for my nerves.  He's a natural and enjoyed the "runs at the top" the best. 

Anna was polite enough not to tell me directly, but I got the feeling she liked skiing with Daddy best.  We tag-teamed it and Jeremy and I both got some good runs in, he on a board and I on skis.

Ryley's been snowboarding for quite a few years, but never on any groomed trails.  I do believe he is now officially spoiled.  He's a great snowboarder who makes it look super easy!