Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sports! Sports! Sports!

Josiah and Isaac participated in a Spring Break basketball camp this last week. Isaac was the youngest and smallest player and he really enjoyed his first sport opportunity. He had a lot of fans who loved his "heart" and "spirit" and "great attitude" of giving it his all, even though he had a huge disadvantage over the other players. Some were very tall ten year olds! Josiah did awesome,also, and won several challanges during the week.

Ryley was involved in Football Camp for two days during Spring Break. He had a great time and also won several contests (Field Goal, Ball Throwing, and third in Sprinting) against a huge amount of other kids!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


The Horsman kiddos were here to spend Monday night and Tuesday with us! What fun!! Nate and Elizabeth got away for some time with friends, and we were so happy we could help out.
Logistics were our only issue...I think I need a bus! (Because Ryley has football camp this week, and Josiah and Isaac have basketball camp, we did TONS of running and dropping off/picking up.) I realized this could be one reason I could justify a SUV, instead of my economical van, but then I remembered when little Horsman #4 comes along, I would be one seat short all over again! Maybe by then, someone will invent sidecars for vehicles!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Safety First

This afternoon, Jeremy and the boys (and Anna, skipping in and out at will) are having a Gun Saftey Meeting. They are gathered 'round Dad's rifle and pistol learning all the important rules of gun handling. (Looks like Isaac's ticked about something.)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Piano Lessons

The boys all started taking piano lessons recently. Their teacher is a friend from church who is also an advanced student. This is her first experience teaching piano, and she's really excited to do this, as she's been looking for an opportunity. Looks like the timing is perfect for all of us. (Anna isn't officially taking lessons yet, although she's been "auditing" Isaac's lesson and I'm hoping she's actually getting free lessons and will be that much ahead when she does start!) One big plus is that Heidi comes to our house for lessons, so we have three back-to-back lessons and all the others don't have to sit around quietly waiting. And I can still get my afternoon housework done!!