Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Piano Lessons

The boys all started taking piano lessons recently. Their teacher is a friend from church who is also an advanced student. This is her first experience teaching piano, and she's really excited to do this, as she's been looking for an opportunity. Looks like the timing is perfect for all of us. (Anna isn't officially taking lessons yet, although she's been "auditing" Isaac's lesson and I'm hoping she's actually getting free lessons and will be that much ahead when she does start!) One big plus is that Heidi comes to our house for lessons, so we have three back-to-back lessons and all the others don't have to sit around quietly waiting. And I can still get my afternoon housework done!!


Jen said...

Heidi! How fun is that. So great that you dont have to run around to lessons! Sweet setup Sarah :) Zach and Josiah could talk for hours about anything or nothing at all. Its so fun to hear them get excited about life. I tried your idea email but it got sent back, shoot me your current address when you can. Have a great night. I had to close my idea stuff out while I was there. I was sad to say goodbye to Pat Tracy, but she may come to TN to do some homeschool workshops. You should come with her :)

Jill said...

Wow...so I can expect them to play something for ME when we come up?
We were actually only an hour from the start of the Alaska highway start....sure wished we could have just kept going and going!
Love you all.
Mom H