Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sports! Sports! Sports!

Josiah and Isaac participated in a Spring Break basketball camp this last week. Isaac was the youngest and smallest player and he really enjoyed his first sport opportunity. He had a lot of fans who loved his "heart" and "spirit" and "great attitude" of giving it his all, even though he had a huge disadvantage over the other players. Some were very tall ten year olds! Josiah did awesome,also, and won several challanges during the week.

Ryley was involved in Football Camp for two days during Spring Break. He had a great time and also won several contests (Field Goal, Ball Throwing, and third in Sprinting) against a huge amount of other kids!


Anonymous said...

I hope that you guys had a great time and that you were able to learn a lot in your sport camps. I am really proud of you boys, I hope that you will always stay active and continue in sports. I love you all very much Aunt Ruthie

The Keller Troop said...

Way to go guys! If you do any sports this summer I hope to be one of the cheering, adoring fans on the sidelines! If you play any basketball in my presense I may have to join you and kick your little tooshies.
Big sloppy smooches to you all -

Jill said...

Wow...Ryley, I would not want to meet you in a dark alley! And, I didn't know that Isaac also took the basketball camp! Great!!!!!
You guys are getting so big. Glad you had fun.

Grandma & Grandpa H.

Jen said...

Cool shirt josiah....You need too ask your mom too get you a plane ticket and come play bball with me!!!!!!!!!Thats cool that issac doing camp too!!!!!!!Happey fun day!!!!!! your bud Zach