Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dad Turns 60

We had a great time celebrating Dad's 60th birthday!  It was so much fun that we could be together with Nate and Elizabeth and their kids, who are staying with mom and dad for the summer, at their rental house on Lazy Mountain in Palmer.                                      

 The guys filmed another episode of Cooking With Nate (I'm Nate)- Grilling Edition.

 The kids enjoyed a picnic outside on this beautiful, hot, sunny day!

 The kids worked on writing and practicing a play for our entertainment.  It was the story of two guys and their plane crash on what they thought was a deserted island.  After a short time, they discovered that the island was inhabited by lovely island princesses, who had never known civilization.

We hope you had a great birthday celebration, dad!  We love you!!!!!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Gaggenau Kitchen Set- $13,000

We are now capable of accepting credit cards!
This complete Gaggenau kitchen set is gently and originally used as a display in a kitchen store.  The quality of these appliances is unparalleled; if you do some research online, you'll find rave reviews.
Although we prefer to sell all the appliances as a set, we are willing to consider selling some pieces individually.  

The cabinets are also from the kitchen display and will be included *free* to the buyer who purchases the complete set.  

Included are:
*Gaggenau Lift Oven- retails at $3,000+
*Gaggenau Steam/Convection Oven- retails at $4,000+
*Gaggenau Extraction Hood- retails at $1,300
*Gaggenau Dishwasher- retails at $2,000
*Gaggenau Column Refrigerator- retails at $7,500 
*Gaggenau Column Freezer- retails at $4,000
*Gaggenau Electric Burners (not pictured)
*Gaggenau Gas Burners (not pictured)
*Composite Under-Counter Sink Basin- retails at $330 (not pictured)
*Badger Garbage Disposal (not pictured)
*Kitchen Cabinets

We bought this package to outfit our new kitchen in our home currently under construction.  We are in the process of adopting two adorable sisters from Ethiopia and have decided to sell it and purchase lesser-quality appliances.  The income from the sale of this kitchen will get us MUCH closer to bringing them home!  If you schedule a time to come see the set in person, I'd love to show you their pictures!

Gaggenau Steam Oven~ retails at $4,000+

Gaggenau Lift Oven~ retails at $3,000+

Gaggenau Lift Oven

Gaggenau Extraction Hood- Front View~  retails at $1,300

Gaggenau Extraction Hood- Bottom View (removable screens fit in between lights)

Gaggenau Dishwasher~ retails at $2,000

 Cabinets (below) will be given free to the buyer who purchases the complete set.

Kitchen Cabinets- Dimensions Below (In pictures, the lower cabinets are the darker color; the uppers are lighter.

The cabinet bottoms:
Total 10 linear feet
1. w= 15 1/4" depth= 24" 4 drawer unit
2. w= 18" d= 24" left swing
3. Lazy Susan left swing bi fold door
4. w= 33" d= 24" left and right swing- sink basin

5. w= 30" d=24" single drawer

Top cabinets:
Total 10'3" linear
1. w=18" d=12" h=42" left swing
2. w=24" d=24" h=11" r and l swing
3. w=11" d=12" h=42" r swing
4. w=24" d=18" h=22" r and l swing
5. w=12" d=12" h=42" l swing
6. w=8" d=12" h=42" l swing
7. w=18" d=24' h=10" l swing

Gaggenau Column Refrigerator and Freezer

Gaggenau Column Refrigerator~ retails at $7,500

Gaggenau Column Freezer~ retails at $4,000