Friday, December 21, 2007

A Tragic Day

Yesterday, December 20th, 2007, our beloved dog, Pike, was killed. She was hit by a car in the early dark hours of the morning. The unfortunate person who hit her was kind enough to rush her to the vet, but it was too late. I got the call about 8:45 am. After the kids and I cried for awhile, Ryley asked if we could go see her one last time. So we drove over to the pound and met up with the officer who called and gave us the bad news. They had her wrapped in a blanket in the back of the truck, and she looked she was sleeping. Her injuries were obviously internal. All the kids got to pet her one last time. She'll never be forgotten, and in the spring, we'll bury her collar and make a little plaque for her.

Special Times

I cherish opportunities, within our six member family, for rare one-on-one moments. Last night, after all the other kids were sleeping, I heard faint singing coming from Josiah and Isaac's room. I peeked in and Isaac was still awake. I remembered back to the afternoon, and realized that he had fallen asleep during Quiet Time. No wonder he was still awake! I motioned to him to sneak out quietly and invited him to join me in the Christmas baking. (Jeremy was at poker, so I was trying to be productive for the evening.) We had such a special time together, and I think that's just what Isaac needed after our traumatic day, and just in general, as a middle child who seems to sometimes get lost.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Life With Boys

We bought a gaggle of crickets at the pet store yesterday, for Angel. There were more than any lizard should eat in one sitting, even on Thanksgiving, so Jeremy said the boys should store the rest in the garage...they would go dormant in the cold air out there. This morning, Ryley decided to "wake" some up, for Angel's breakfast. Isaac, ever the mischievous one, thought it would be funny to put one in the vent. Unfortunately, we've found out before just how "funny" that is, as I was one time kept awake all night with the echoing of the cricket's lonely call through the entire duct system. Try getting a cricket out of a heat vent! Impossible, you say? No, not for Ryley. He successfully retrieved that culprit and promptly fed it to Angel. But can he do it again?

Now, for the good news of the morning! Josiah would like to share the specs of his "ship of the day" with you.
this is my lego creation, my biggest this month.It has a satellite blaster, a detachable ship, and Machine guns
It travels at the speed of light.
It has lazer guns,cannons and an escape pod.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Fun, Food, Friends

Last Sunday we spent the day with our friends Cody and Nikki at their house. We enjoyed an awesome display of yummy treats. Jeremy and Cody spent some time working on the attic project. The kids stayed busy bouncing back and forth from the kitchen (and the food) to the basement (and the air hockey, pool table, and drum set). Later in the day, some other friends come over to join us. Cody even taught Anna the Tango!

The Nutcracker

Anna and I went together to see a local dance school's rendetion of act two of The Nutcracker last Saturday morning. She loved getting all dressed up and watching all the girls in the beautiful dresses up on stage. Maybe in a year or two she will be able to join them! We sat with our friends, the Lacrosses, whose youngest daughter danced in the ballet. In these pictures, Anna and Elizza (her baby) are sitting on Becky's lap with Mark in the background. She's also pictured with Cassie (our favorite babysitter EVER) who is home from college for the holidays. After the ballet, Cassie came over to spend the day with the kids while Jeremy and I went to Anchorage to do some Christmas shopping, go out for dinner, and even catch a movie! The kids had a great time, also, as always. Cassie took them out for hot cocoa, then to an awesome sledding hill, where they were joined by some guys who had mounted a shopping cart on skis and were taking turn strapping each other in for a wild ride. Hope the boys didn't get any crazy ideas...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

NOW it feels like Christmas!

Finally...we have SNOW! I think this time, it will actually stay, too.
Yesterday we spent the morning working on Christmas-Ryley and I made a double batch of Pepparkakor cookies, Josiah made a necklace for his friend for Christmas, and Isaac and Anna were busy with projects of their own...mostly play dough. This afternoon, after a busy morning at church, we got home and the kids insisted on getting out to play right away. At last, enough snow for a snowman!!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

'Tis The Season...

Today we went hunting for the Perfect Alaska Christmas Tree. We think we came pretty close. Every year, we try to find a better tree than last year. Of course, they all look so much better outside. Then after we haul it home, stuff it through the front door, smear the hardwood floor with sap, and stand back to admire it, we look at each other and ask, "What did we think was so great about this tree? Is this really the best we could do?" We have to answer ourselves with a resounding, "yes!" As Jeremy pointed out tonight (while I grumbled about the bare spots and asymmetry while stringing lights), the TREE has nothing to do with the's all about the hunt. What awesome family memories we make each year, as we tromp around what we hope and pray is state land in search for the prettiest scrawny tree around.

Saturday, December 8, 2007