Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Nutcracker

Anna and I went together to see a local dance school's rendetion of act two of The Nutcracker last Saturday morning. She loved getting all dressed up and watching all the girls in the beautiful dresses up on stage. Maybe in a year or two she will be able to join them! We sat with our friends, the Lacrosses, whose youngest daughter danced in the ballet. In these pictures, Anna and Elizza (her baby) are sitting on Becky's lap with Mark in the background. She's also pictured with Cassie (our favorite babysitter EVER) who is home from college for the holidays. After the ballet, Cassie came over to spend the day with the kids while Jeremy and I went to Anchorage to do some Christmas shopping, go out for dinner, and even catch a movie! The kids had a great time, also, as always. Cassie took them out for hot cocoa, then to an awesome sledding hill, where they were joined by some guys who had mounted a shopping cart on skis and were taking turn strapping each other in for a wild ride. Hope the boys didn't get any crazy ideas...

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Jill said...

How did you like the Nutcracker? Was it fun getting all dressed up? You and mommy look beautiful. Maybe some day we can go to a ballet together. That would be fun.
Love you.
Grandma H.