Thursday, December 20, 2007

Life With Boys

We bought a gaggle of crickets at the pet store yesterday, for Angel. There were more than any lizard should eat in one sitting, even on Thanksgiving, so Jeremy said the boys should store the rest in the garage...they would go dormant in the cold air out there. This morning, Ryley decided to "wake" some up, for Angel's breakfast. Isaac, ever the mischievous one, thought it would be funny to put one in the vent. Unfortunately, we've found out before just how "funny" that is, as I was one time kept awake all night with the echoing of the cricket's lonely call through the entire duct system. Try getting a cricket out of a heat vent! Impossible, you say? No, not for Ryley. He successfully retrieved that culprit and promptly fed it to Angel. But can he do it again?

Now, for the good news of the morning! Josiah would like to share the specs of his "ship of the day" with you.
this is my lego creation, my biggest this month.It has a satellite blaster, a detachable ship, and Machine guns
It travels at the speed of light.
It has lazer guns,cannons and an escape pod.

1 comment:

Jill said...

Wow. Amazing creation, Josiah. You should have come and helped Grandpa construct the outside shed that he built; you could have added something new to this big cration!
Ryley, I'm glad to hear that you are a skilled hunter, even when it is only crickets to feed Angel. AND glad to hear that Angel is doing well. ARE a crazy guy! Who ever heard of crickets in the heat duct! Are you trying to make your family think they are already in Hawaii?????

Anna, glad to hear that you were not involved in the cricket caper.
Grandma H.