Friday, December 21, 2007

Special Times

I cherish opportunities, within our six member family, for rare one-on-one moments. Last night, after all the other kids were sleeping, I heard faint singing coming from Josiah and Isaac's room. I peeked in and Isaac was still awake. I remembered back to the afternoon, and realized that he had fallen asleep during Quiet Time. No wonder he was still awake! I motioned to him to sneak out quietly and invited him to join me in the Christmas baking. (Jeremy was at poker, so I was trying to be productive for the evening.) We had such a special time together, and I think that's just what Isaac needed after our traumatic day, and just in general, as a middle child who seems to sometimes get lost.

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Jill said...

Great to know that you are so talented in baking, Isaac! AND singing. You have always been good at music and keeping time. I bet those cookes are great. Love you so much. Grandma H.