Tuesday, March 11, 2008


The Horsman kiddos were here to spend Monday night and Tuesday with us! What fun!! Nate and Elizabeth got away for some time with friends, and we were so happy we could help out.
Logistics were our only issue...I think I need a bus! (Because Ryley has football camp this week, and Josiah and Isaac have basketball camp, we did TONS of running and dropping off/picking up.) I realized this could be one reason I could justify a SUV, instead of my economical van, but then I remembered when little Horsman #4 comes along, I would be one seat short all over again! Maybe by then, someone will invent sidecars for vehicles!!


Anonymous said...

They look so cozy and warm , I sure wish I could of been there to be an awesome Aunt too !!! I know that they had a blast with you guys. Please let them know how much we love them and pray for them! I am so glad that you got a chance to have them I bet you had a ton of fun.

Love ya sis

Sarah said...

Yep, I'm pretty blessed to be able to have them around. I never take for granted that we have extended family here. I LOVE the fact that there is no one else around here who loves those kiddos as much as we do (except, of course,Nate & Elizabeth), and I know that is true for them with our kids. Priceless.