Saturday, October 18, 2008

Grandma Horsman's Birthday

Grandma (and now, Grandpa) are here for a visit. They are sharing their three weeks in Alaska between our family and Nate's family. Just two days after her arrival was Mom's birthday. We had Mom, Elizabeth, Nate and their kids over in the afternoon for a little party, after spending the morning baking the cake and decorating. The little celebration was so special and being able to share Mom's day together was unforgettable. She loved hearing all those children's voices singing to her, and if only Dad (who came a few days later) and Ruth and her family were here, it would have been a perfect party. Then after dinner, Mom went with our family into Anchorage for a bit of a surprise. We all got dressed up and took her to the Young at Heart Family Concert at the P.A.C. Unfortunately cameras are not allowed in the theatre, so we have to hold the memories only in our minds. The night was filled with scores from favorite children's movies. Of course, Anna loved all the princess ones (including The Little Mermaid, during which a mermaid was lowered from the ceiling on a swing). The highlight of the evening for my boys was when the symphony played the Star Wars songs and the stage was filled with Storm Troopers and several other important characters. I don't know what I enjoyed more: Listening to the music and watching the dancing/acting, or looking at my children's faces as they were mesmerized through most of the performances.
Hope you had a memorable day, Mom. WE LOVE YOU!!!


committed to serve said...

I totally wish we could of been there for the party and the outing after wards. The cake looks awesome , great job :) Please be sure to give Mom and Dad big huge hugs for us. It was so awesome that they were able to be down here also this year :) I love you all very much hope to see you soon. !!!!

Jill said...

It was an incredible day. I would not be able to choose which part was best! Hearing all those voices, together, sing Happy Birthday was super. The thrill of the performance, all of it was such a super day. Thank you to all of you for making it so special. I will not ever forget such a thoughtful day and gifts!