Saturday, October 18, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!

Anna is so blessed with such good little girlfriends. She's already had several of MANY sleepovers to come!!

Last night Jayna and Quaid spent the night. The kids had been pleading with me all day. "PLEASE?? PLEASE can they spend the night?? Just ONE night??" So I said "yes" which I just love to do because from the sound of all the cheering, you'd think I just promised them a trip to Disneyland! Everyone (Mom, Dad, Nate, Elizabeth and the kids) came over for pizza and games last night. At bedtime, when we adults got out the ice cream and played a game, the sweet little girl giggles were never-ending. I do think they actually tried to go to sleep, but then some super loud and rowdy laughter would erupt around the dining room table and it just set the girls off again! Finally, we decided that because they were sleeping in the same bed on the floor, they were just like Mary and Laura Ingalls. Jayna even had a braid in her hair. I LOVE FAMILY.

Earlier in the day, while my boys and Quaid were off on an outing with Grandpa, and I was frantically cleaning before they came home, Grandma and Anna had a bit of girl time together.

And here's one more sleepover shot. Avery and Anna LOVE spending the night together. These pictures will be cherished forever.


committed to serve said...

Oh my gosh I just love to see these pictures. You are so very LUCKY to have family close for ten years now Brendon and I have not had that chance and I am so hoping that God will allow us to move up there so we too can enjoy the giggles coming from our back rooms. Kaylie would just love to have a " GIRLS NIGHT " with her cousins !!! We love you all so deeply

Jill said...

This was so great. I just love the girls' little high-pitched voices!