Monday, September 29, 2008

Isaac is SEVEN!!

Isaac requested a Basketball cake. I told him I'd appreciate it if he'd choose a ball of some sort every birthday. It actually looked like a basketball!!
He chose to dress as Uncle Jon's twin for the day. I can hardly tell them apart.

Isaac was so happy to have the Cokes here for his big day. He chose pancakes and scrambled eggs with chicken sausage for his breakfast. For dinner, he opted for chicken nuggets (which I made, successfully, in the crock pot!!), mashed potatoes and salad. He also invited Cody and Nikki Moore over for dinner. We had a great time.

In the afternoon, he wanted to go bowling, which he's never done before. In fact, this was only the second time Jeremy and I have gone since we got married! Needless to say, we were quite rusty, but did better than we expected. I didn't win, but I was sure to point out that I DID bowl right-handed, and I'm a lefty. It's not lady-like to beat the guys, so I didn't.
I really am left wondering where all the time went. Isaac is seriously growing up too quickly. He's such an amazing guy full of personality. His name means "Laughter" and little did we know when he was born, we couldn't have chosen a more perfect name.


maxwellhouse said...

Glad to hear those crockpot nuggets worked. I've been tempted to try it and now I've got more incentive!

Sarah said...

Yeah, but for a bit of "crunch", I did put them in the broiler before serving, to crisp them up.

Linda Worden said...

Hi Sarah,
I have just been on the phone with Sarah Joy. I asked if she had communicated with you since your famous former mayor and present governor has become known to the rest of the world. She said her computer is down and so she hadn't connected recently. Anyway, I'm wondering if you are friends with Sarah Palin and what your thoughts are about her? I am really impressed so far and am so grateful for her strong position on life and other issues important to me. I'm very impressed by your blog and all the great pictures of your beautiful family. You are truly blessed. I have done some blogging while on a mission trip in August to Moldova. I need to get back to it so maybe this will motivate me. Love ya, Linda