Friday, September 12, 2008

Biking, Blueberries, Baby, and Bunnies

We recently went biking at Eklutna, our favorite place to bike, as a family. After Ryley's football game last Saturday, we seized the moment that we all were in the same place at the same time, stopped off at the house to grab a sandwich and our bikes, and hit the trail. The kids and I have ridden up there several times this year, but it was so much more fun with Dad there. The kids and I also did a bit of blueberry picking at our favorite place. Last year, we got five gallons, but we only came home with about three this summer. We'll have to hoard those and use them sparingly. Everyone always enjoys berry picking, although I must admit, I do most of the picking. When the kids get bored, they play "Hole Tipping", a game reserved for this event, and they jump off all the ginormous boulders into the weeds below, then roll down the hill as far as they can. Hide and Seek is also a favorite. When they tire of the games, they grab the stack of books, spread out a sweatshirt, and settle in for a bit of reading. We've only been able to spend a bit of time with little Avelyn so far, but boy did everyone love holding and snuggling her (especially me). I've noticed that Isaac is especially fond of cuddling, whether it be babies or bunnies. (See below)We've been carefully (HA!) selected by the Kellers to bunny-sit their two floppy-eared little critters while they're at their cabin. The kids are loving it, and Jeremy keeps reminding everyone that "we are NOT getting a rabbit". He won't let them hold the bunnies too often, for fear of the bonding that will inevitably take place.

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