Friday, September 12, 2008


September is birthday month around here. Anna's is the 9th. Josiah's is the 10th. Isaac's is the 17th. What? We wanted them two years apart. We're just really accurate! (Just kidding. Actually, this was all God's doing. Anna was the only real "planned" and "tried for" one. And one could make the argument that as the planning was taking place with the fourth, we really could have aimed for any other month. But we wanted them two years apart!)

Grandma and Grandpa Coke are coming to visit from Sunday until next Saturday, so more birthday celebrations will take place then, but we also had to do something on the acutal days.

Anna had her very good friend, Avery, over for the day. We spent the morning playing with new toys (we got her the Playmobil set with a king, queen, kids, horses and a royal carriage). Then after lunch we met some other friends at Bouncin' Bears (a fun building full of "bouncy houses") and spent the afternoon there. Then we came home to prepare for Anna's dinner of choice, Grilled Salmon, Rice, Zucchini, Cucumber, and, of course, Chocolate Birthday Cupcakes. Avery spent the night for a Birthday Slumber Party, and the girls had such a great time. It's hard to believe my baby is now FIVE.

After bedtime that night, we changed out the pink crepe paper and balloons for orange, washed the birthday plate, and set Josiah's place at the table for breakfast. In keeping with tradition, he chose sugar cereal for his breakfast. I'd like to point out that the kids can choose ANYTHING for their meals, but they always want sugar cereal. Oh well, four times a year won't kill 'em.

He had a fun day as well, with just us here for the day. His good buddy, Paul, had come over for a sleep-over last week because we knew he'd be gone on Josiah's big day. Jeremy got home from work early, so we all went to Cold Stone for ice cream just in time to royally spoil all dinners. Next we went over to Just Imagine so Josiah could spend a bit of birthday money (opting to put the rest in savings). Then we headed home to prepare dinner. Josiah chose hamburgers-thinly-packed-to-allow-for-a-double-decker with American cheese and turkey bacon, french fries, salad (yes, salad-because "you have to have a veggie"- but he did get Ranch dressing), and round two of those yummy gluten-free chocolate brownies. Josiah invited our dear friends, Cody and Nikki Moore, over to share his birthday.

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Jill said...

Wow...all these birthday photos are super. Josiah, that really WAS a huge burger. Anna, I can't wait to play with your carriage and castle!