Sunday, June 8, 2008

Josiah's "Stitches"

The other evening, Jeremy was out with the boys playing catch. He threw the last ball of the night way high up and said that the guy who caught it got a million points. Josiah, ever striving to win, totally went for it and caught it, but not in his mitt, in his face! The next night at baseball, his coach asked him why he needed stitches. Josiah explained that the stitches were not made with a needle, but with the stitching on the baseball! OUCH! He was bleeding from his nose, lip and gums.


committed to serve said...

OH MY POOR BABY!!:( Josiah your little face. I bet that had to hurt pretty bad. Hey you cought the ball though huh !!! You are so awesome. I love you so much I hope your face feels better!!!!

Jen said...

oh buddy, I'm sorry about that catch! You look super tough with those stitch marks! We sure miss you guys...a lot. Zach would give anything to spend a good long day or two with his buddy Josiah!
Missing you, Mrs. Jen
Oh, and we are getting our Sister SOON! She is so cute and Zach has officially "called" the first nap with her :)

Jill said...

Oh my gosh, Josiah. You didn't tell me about this when I've talked to you on the phone! I'm sorry!!!!!
Love you.
Grandma H.