Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Isaac is the C.O.D. today. That means he's the Child of the Day, which, among other things, means that he gets to have mom with him for 30 min. of Quiet Time and we do whatever he chooses to do together. (For short, I just refer to the child of the day as the cod. As in "cod fish". However, Josiah asked me not to call people the cod anymore. He doesn't really like the title. I asked him how else I was supposed to shorten the phrase. He didn't know. I told him to come up with an appropriate answer and I would consider changing it. He has yet to submit said appropriate title. So for now, the C.O.D. is still the cod.)
Today Isaac chose to do a reading lesson, read Green Eggs and Ham, and play Sorry. I took a picture of the Sorry game board because I feel that we have made history today. At least in our family. There were only two of us playing and we ended up with a very close finish. But that's not the historical part. At one point, we were exactly tied. "Impossible", you say? Have a close look for yourself. This is big news. Really. It is. Even Isaac agrees.


Elizabeth said...

HAHA, maybe you should tell Josiah it could be worse, after all, it could be the child of the week, making them all C.O.W.s! Fun time on the Sorry game!

Just had to add, for some reason my "word verification" word for my comment is grossing me out...it's "grepuke"...hmmm, nice.

Jill said...

Or child of the year, making them all coy! Yikes, I like COD. Josiah, what is wrong with those fine-tasting fish! Maybe it could be the person of the day, making everyone into a POD. Sort of a reverse I-pod. I digress.
Congratulations on your sorry achievement! Mom

DeLong House said...

awww..your little codlings! :) How about codgers- an old man, and eccentric man? It looks like a tie to me, but who's turn was it???

Elizabeth said...

"Congratulations on your sorry achievement"

Was Mom being clever there or insulting?? LOL!!!
Sorry, I just read that and thought it was hilarious!

Sarah said...

Hey...yeah. I think I was being insulted there! Thanks a lot, mom.