Sunday, April 19, 2009

Random Montage

Here's a smattering of recent happenings.
Cashflow for Kids is our new favorite family game.

Guess what Isaac wants for Christmas? He lost both front teeth within a day of each other.

We went on a seven mile hike yesterday with Ryley's Boy Scout Troop at Turnagain Arm. It was a perfect, beautiful Spring day for a hike and I so enjoyed the fresh air.

This tree was along the trail. It's hollow a long way up, so the kids took turns climbing in it. Sure made for some cute pictures! Hmm...wonder if there were any spiders in there.

In other news, Ryley won't stop growing. His feet are bigger than mine. His jeans fit me. And after snapping this picture of ourselves this afternoon, he remarked, "Man. Even my head's bigger than yours!" (Bunny ears courtesy of Anna.)

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DeLong House said...

I bet your family is so happy to have you back from your brief trip. Gunner is pretty impressed with Isaac's two top missing teeth. Both of Gunner's top teeth are barely hanging on, they have been that way for awhile now, not sure how they are staying fastened..
By the way Poverty is missing the t in your quote. :)