Friday, June 5, 2009

Coyote, and Foxes and Bears, OH MY!

Construction on our "driveway" is now underway!
We were up there the other day and saw these fairly large bear tracks right on the trail, ahead of the excavator. (Isaac's little bear paw is there for perspective.) The tracks were fresh and we know they were made just that morning, as Jeremy had been there the night before and there were none. Also found on the trail was either coyote or wolf scat and fox tracks. None of these signs are unusual for that trail, but these bear tracks were the biggest we've seen yet. Although I do pack a handgun when were playing/working up there, I seriously doubt we'll ever need it. Unlike the Anchorage bears, these still have that healthy fear of humans.

And although at times I'd really appreciate some silence, we are pretty much unable to sneak through the woods.

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Rachel said...

Love, your header pic.- pink fingernails and worms are the perfect combo!!! And, I must say you are brave to be hanging out there with those huge bearprints! I finally saw my first bear, in the wild, on Sunday and I was thankful to be in the car! I do love hearing all the fun you guys are already having on your property!