Saturday, September 25, 2010

For Real- A Blog Entry!!!

I've missed "blogging", although my time away has given me a chance to contemplate whether or not I really want a blog. A part of me rebels against technology and while I enjoy keeping family and friends "in the loop" of our crazy and hard-to-follow lives, I don't like that total strangers can also see what's up. I am torn, sometimes, between sharing what I really want to say and feeling the need to be so vague that there's no point in sharing at all!
But I think for now, the blog will live on.
Exciting news in our basement-dwelling lives: after nearly a year of next to no Internet service, we will hopefully be on-line as of next Wednesday. We were hoping to get a land line in this fall, but our nearest neighbor (a half-mile away), with whom we will split the horrifying cost, would rather wait to do it next summer. We will be using Hughesnet for satellite Internet. Should be interesting. Although I'd like to think that it's no big deal to not get online, I must admit, especially to myself, that it really is hard to get along as usual without the option. A very frustrating part of the way we are living is that I'm attempting to live in the 21st century and the early 1900s all at the same time. We have no TV or much of a radio signal up on the mt. (plus, I have no antenna on my truck!!) so I really do feel as though we've been living in the dark ages. I won't pretend that I've suffered with not knowing what's going on in the world; to be honest, the political junk constantly going on in our country has raised my blood pressure over the top in the last few years. I've felt so passionate about everything, but been helpless to change anything, which has been so very frustrating. I have enjoyed the peacefulness which comes with ignorance to current events quite a lot.
I'm looking forward to being able to tell our little story again and share the journey with anyone, and will feel quite honored if I haven't completely lost my "readership" along the way!!

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Anonymous said...


We always LOVE to hear from you guys from your blog...

Hope everything is going O.K. We think of you all in your
new "adventures." :-)

Miss you,

The Cains'