Saturday, April 7, 2012

Until the end of my life becomes the beginning of my life I sit at His feet, busily worshipping by serving.

"Whatever you've done to the least of these you've done unto Me."

God has asked our family if we're willing to open our hearts and lives to some of His children who desperately need love and physical and spiritual nourishment from a family who will be theirs forever.

  We have said, "yes".


Over the last few months we have begun the process of adopting two children from Ethiopia.  Stand by for further updates...


Karla DeLong said...

Oh my word! How exciting! So awesome to see you guys taking this step of faith. Will pray for a smooth transition and we just can't wait to meet your newest family members. WE LOVE YOU COKES!!

Jen said...

!!!!!!!!!!Yay for homes for children....especially a family called COKE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to tell the kids :)

JJ said...


Rissi said...

Wow! This is news, Sarah (Coke family). Will hold you to those updates. =)

Miss you guys,

<3 Mike, Linda and Rissi