Monday, May 13, 2013

Ryley David Turns 16 (almost)!!!

 Last Tuesday (May 7th) we had a surprise 16th birthday party for Ryley.  His birthday is in July, but he'll be out commercial fishing then and we won't be able to have a party with friends.  He was SO shocked!  Thank you to our friends, the Burroughs, for offering their beautiful home for the event.
Here's Ryley with two of his best buds: Zach and Jon

Mariah built him a delicious cake!

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Rissi said...

Oh, gosh! Ryley!? Sixteen!? Wow - seems only yesterday you guys were here for a visit and you weren't anywhere close to being 16! *sigh* How quickly time does go.

...I know, I know, you probably hear this all the time but seriously, it's insane!

Happy birthday!

Uncle Mike, Aunt Linda and M