Sunday, July 28, 2013

I Did It

 I really like garage sales if I'm the shopper, but hosting one has never sounded appealing to me.

Whenever anyone suggested it my standard reply was, "No, I'm actually NOT going to do the typical adoption-yard-sale-fundraiser". But it seemed as though every time I talked to Jesus about the idea, I sensed a subtle whisper saying, "Just do it.  Do something to give people an opportunity to give."

 So I listened and, knowing I had hardly anything laying around to sell, mentioned it to a few hundred people and was astonished to receive an incredible amount of donations.
 My kids (minus Ryley, who was still commercial fishing) and my nieces and nephews were committed salespeople; they ran a cupcake stand, a lemonade/otter pop stand, and a handicraft stand.  Anna made beaded bookmarks and my niece Jayna knit a purse and a washcloth to sell.  All their profits were donated to our adoptions, also!  The kids brought in $87 on the first day alone!

I couldn't figure out how their lemonade table always seemed to be dripping wet with stickiness.  Today I found a crack in the bottom of the pitcher.

Not many could resist the sweet treats these pretty little ladies had to share!

This dynamic lady is a tourist from Alabama.  She stopped by and bought a few things, then left us with a generous donation.  Wow.  I never thought we'd receive donations from total strangers. I guess I should have expected it though; after all, He wanted me to create an opportunity "for people to give".  God is so good.

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Rissi said...

This may be my standard comment but... really, I cannot help it:

YOU GUYS ARE GROWING UP TOO FAST! Wow! Love that last photo of you all. :) Looks like a spectacular cupcake/lemonade stand.

Glad it was a productive sale, Sarah.

Miss you all.