Thursday, May 22, 2008


Josiah hit not only his first home run of the season, but also the first home run of his LIFE tonight!! Of course, I didn't have the video camera on, or actually even at the game at all, so it will have to live on in my foggy and completly crappy memory. It was a fun night at the ball game, as we played Tucker Delong's team (they beat us) and I enjoyed sitting with the Delongs (while Ryley and Jeremy were at their practices). I love the sportsmanship of these little guys. After one of Josiah's good hits, Tucker could be heard from the outfield cheering him on!


DeLong House said...

WooooHooooo Josiah!! You rock!!

Jen said...

WAY to go josiah!!!!!!I wish i could have seen that!!!!!!!

your bud ZACH

Anonymous said...

Hey Josiah I love you tons buddy and I am so so proud of you . You are so AWESOME!!!! Keep working hard at your sports. Have a great summer and maybe we will get to see you all soon.
Love you tons Aunt Ruthie

Jill said...

Josiah....congratulations! That is so cool. I expect to play some ball when we come up there.
Love you.