Saturday, May 17, 2008

New Template

I decided to change the template on my blog from black to white in celebration of the light, bright, sunny days of spring which we have been SO excited about! Is it annoying to visit a blog and find a new template every so often? Should I stick with the same one like companies stick with a logo for "brand recognition"? I changed from my original template because several other people ended up using it too, but then the one I changed to also is used by others. Guess no matter which I choose, someone else will have it! "There is nothing new under the sun"!


Jen said...

I like it Sarah, go with what you like! We all just love the fam pics that we get to see :) Glad things are looking up with the weather....last night Kris said, "oh man I just had a flashback of pumping gas at Knik...breezing my bahootie off!!!" The only thing we dont miss at all is the longer than likable winter :) Miss our buddies though, I get sad thinking about our boys not growing up palling around all seemed so right and good. Anyway, we love and miss the Coke family! Jen

committed to serve said...

I don't much care for the new temp plate... but that is just me and who am I really.... no one so having said that I should say that I love you all tons, Brendon goes to selection tomorrow ( Friday ) and he will find out then what helicopter he will be given to fly.... I have been praying that it will be one that Ak. has so that we can move up and I can be around some family and my babies( ten years is a long time to go with no family) Love you sis