Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happy 11th Birthday, Ryley!

Man, does time fly. July 16th, my little Ryley turned 11. His feet are bigger than mine. His hands are wider than mine. When I do laundry, I have to pay attention so I stack his jeans and shirts in HIS stack, and not mine. But I can STILL run faster and beat him in an arm wrestle. For now.

We had fun on his big day. He invited six friends over for the day and we set up a shooting range in our backyard. They shot BB guns, Airsoft guns, and bows. When that got old, they rounded everyone up for a game of Backyard Baseball.

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Jill said...

Oh Ryley. I wish we could have been there. You look SO old! My goodness. I loved the slip n' slide! Fantastic. Hugs to all of you and I'm looking forward to some fun days during our visit.