Thursday, August 7, 2008


Well, it appears I'm on a roll with this blog-updating thing. Finally. So grab a cup-o'-joe and settle in.
Here's something random I thought I share as I just hung up with a telemarketer. Or a political call. Or whatever.
I had some fun with these fellas last winter. Even though I'm on that National Do Not Call List, (what a joke) I somehow still get a lot of these annoying calls.

First, I tried the method invented by Jerry Seinfeld.

Caller: Hello. May I please speak with Mrs. Coke?
Me: Actually, I'm not available right now. Why don't you give me your number and I'll call
you back when it's more convenient for me.
Caller: Long, uncomfortable pause
Me: What? You don't want to be bothered at home during dinner? Well, now you know how I
feel! Hang Up

That was fun for awhile, but eventually got boring.

So my dad told me that if one punches the # sign on the phone repeatedly, it scrambles the system from the call center. Don't know if it's true or not, but I enjoyed taking out my frustration that way for a time.

Then I had an epiphany. Now my favorite thing to do it this:
Caller: Hello. Is Mrs. Coke there?
Me: Yes. Just a minute, please.

At this point, I take the phone into my bedroom, lay it on the bed, shut the door, and walk away, snickering at my infantile sense of humor.
One time, I kept going back in and checking , and the caller stayed on the line for 12 min. racking up their company's phone bill. Tee Hee.

You'd think that by now, I'd be red-flagged on their call list or something, but guess not. So now I find myself secretly desiring to receive telemarketer calls. Cheap entertainment, I guess.


Marie said...

That made me laugh. I'm gonna start to do that.

DeLong House said...

I'm going to ask for Mrs. Coke every time I call. :)- Chris

Jen said...

you crack me up! I am so sad I didnt get to hug you last weekend :( were ya'll at church? I was looking for you :) I loved reading all your updates....for the record we Howells check it all the time. Its some of Zachs fav reading time! Love, Jen

committed to serve said...

Your crazy. Some times when I get those calls I will just start crying and then when they ask if I am ok I will tell them that Mrs. or Mr. ( who ever they are asking for ) have past away and then I go into a big long stupid story about " their " life !!! Sorry I haven't been writing, I have been looking but with Mom and Dad here I haven't been on the computer that much. Love you tons. Your sis

hashbrowns said...

One time I told a telemarketer that Mrs. Brown had been sent to jail for six months.

Sarah said...

Oh Sarah B. you just reminded me of something Jeremy did. He got a call from a magazine company trying to sell him a subscription. He put the lady on speaker phone and we stifled our laughter as he tried ever-so-politely to decline. No matter how many nice ways he said "no", she wouldn't let it go. Finally, he'd had enough and he told her that he was blind and didn't have any use for her *damn* magazines.
She apologized profusely and kindly ended her call.

Jill said... and are your dad are both heartless! Those poor people simply trying to make a living at the expense of everyone else. Maybe it is a national plan of the secret service to help with national weightloss, and you have scrambled their eggs! Ha.