Monday, April 25, 2011

Terrific Tongue Twisters

Today during Language Arts time the kids each wrote their own tongue twister.  Here they are, typed and customized by the kids.  Try to say these five times fast! 

Peter picked a piping porridge that poured on the poor floor.-Anna

The cat came 'cause cake can control the cat.  The End- Anna

The dumb dog dug down. Down the dumb dog dug.  The dumb dog dug deep.- Isaac

The big black bug bled black blood. Then the big black bug bled blue blood. Then he bounded back.-The End  Josiah

The fat flat fly flew from the fridge fast. Ryley


Jill said...

Grandma gave great gaiety as she galloped gallantly through the gangs gallery of good gazette! Gosh....GENIUS.

DeLong House said...

Congrats Cokes for the colossal creativity!