Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Be Still

"Instead of glorifying two-fisted fighters in the John Wayne tradition of American folk heroes, Christians would do well to sit still until the power of God is manifested in their Christian activities.
   Churches need to develop the quiet disciplines they have lost- practices such as
  • contemplation
  • fasting
  • listening
  • meditation
  • prayer
  • silence
  • Scripture memory
  • submission and
  •  reflection.
   Many Christian leaders are caught up in secondary issues that sap their time and energy...
  ...In the years I have lived and worked in the United States, I have watched believers and whole congregations get caught up in all kinds of similar [aforementioned] crusades and causes that, while not necessarily bad in themselves, end up taking our eyes off obedience to Christ.  And in this sense, they become anti-Christ.-Revolution in World Missions by K.P. Yohannan

I'm reading this book and was reminded and convicted that while action is a necessary part of living a Christ-like life, silence, solitude and stillness are vital in order to receive God's direction for our lives.  How are we to receive our "marching orders" without choosing to listen?

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amanda said...

Agreed, Sarah.. and that is a GREAT book! I was just on Gospel for Asia's site, just before coming to read this! :)