Friday, August 26, 2011

His and Hers

His and Hers Blueberry Buckets:
Can you guess whose is whose?
(Hint: Upon arrival at home, I am the one who does all the cleaning/processing of the berries!)  Admittedly, though, Jeremy is the faster picker...

We got only 5 gallons this year, in about 4 hours of picking.  Usually we get around 10-12 gallons but this year we were busy enough to fit in only two short trips up to pick. Although the kids LOVE playing around in the weeds, rolling down the steep hill and wrestling, and "calling in" marmots with their whistles, it's fun that we now have one full-time berry picker in Ryley. Anna was a big help this year too.  She loves to pick till she's bored, then she catches up with the boys to play.

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Rissi said...

Hey guys!

You totally need to continue to post things, Sarah! We love to know how you all are doing and what is new in Alaska with you all. =)

BTW: I had been meaning to email you all... but haven't gotten around to it - one of these days I will! (You kids all look great in your baseball uniforms, too.)

Love you all and miss you,
Uncle Mike, Aunt Linda & Rissi