Saturday, October 12, 2013

He Provides

[On October 6th, 2013 we held a Coke Family Adoption FUNdraiser at our church, Wasilla Christian Church.  We served chili (I prepared 150 servings.  We ran out and had to open two emergency #10 cans of pre-made), held a silent auction (thanks to many donations!), had a caramel apple booth, and enjoyed a live dessert auction.]

Take a good look at the picture above.  What do you see?  Me.  Alone.  In the kitchen.  In my fear, this is how I imagined things would be if I ever decided to try to pull off a fundraiser.

Take a good look at the picture above.  See me?  I'm on the far right.  Not alone.  In reality, this is how things were.  A team of people who love us and wanted to help bring our girls home committed to show up...and they did.  But even better?  Jesus showed up in a big way.

Anna and her bosom friend Kailee set up a booth where they sold beaded bracelets and artwork.  They also supervised many kiddos who needed something fun to do and LOVED spending time in the craft room with the girls.  They raised $152 just with their booth!!  Thanks girls!

My friend Lisa shared her girls (they're so creative and fun!) and her experience.  We're enjoying getting to know their family.  Kindred spirits, we are. 

Bill and Debby Buser were so amazingly helpful.  Bill knows the building like the back of his hand and helped us figure out where to find things and how to arrange the room to maximize the space.  Debby organized the entire dessert auction.  WHEW.

We have some incredible friends.  We serve an incredible God.  Life is hard.  We are blessed.

I was in awe of this all night.  Many women contributed to the dessert auction.  The creativity and talent displayed on this table had me all choked up, as I marveled at the way Jesus used their abilities to help bring our girls into our family.  He is so creative.

Above on the far left is our pastor, Joe Munday.  He asked me during the auction if I was prepared for this kind of a turn out.  I shook my head and the look on his face told me he wasn't either.

These teens are hanging out in the caramel apple booth area.  Tammy Allen, who has hand dipped caramel apples and corn dogs at the state fair for 20+ years, organized and ran this booth.  It brought in over $500!

Early on, back in February of 2012 when we finally decided to adopt, we had almost all the money we needed for the process sitting securely in an account...or so we thought.  It turns out that the money really wasn't secure after all because money is a tool, not a god.  It doesn't provide security, Jesus does.   Several circumstances arose then, not coincidentally at the time we paid our first fee to our agency.  The money went quickly and served its purpose as an "emergency fund".

I distinctly remember getting hit with the impression that this process wouldn't be easy.  He had things He wanted to teach us.  About ourselves.  About Himself.   Not a single experience would be wasted.

Pastor Jim Beach, on the ladder, is our youth pastor.  He's also a really talented auctioneer.  ("Auctioneer" is what I wanted-to-be-when-I-grow-up.  He inspires me, in many ways.  Maybe someday...)

Our faithful planning team- Many hands make light work

My parents moved to Palmer this spring and we're thrilled that they were able to be here to help and share in this special event!

My dear friend Heidi encouraged me to "just do it".  I'm so thankful for her..

As I contemplated the idea of a fundraiser, I couldn't ignore the echoing in my mind: an encouragement from the Lord. "Just do something.  Give people a chance to give and be a part of what I'm doing."

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