Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Adventures in the Sun- Part 2: California and Arizona FAMILY

In-N-Out-  My California cousin Danielle Horsman worked here for several years, so she, Uncle Don and Aunt Karen took us to experience the freshest "fast food" anywhere.  They boast always-fresh, never-frozen food and it was yummy.
In-N-Out:  been there; done that; bought the t-shirt! (Well, actually Aunt Karen bought us the t-shirts.)

Uncle Don and Ryley pose together for a picture, despite the fact that Uncle Don is wearing a Packers sweatshirt

We were all awarded our very own In-N-Out hat and the kids are modeling them in our RV.

Uncle Don and Danielle took us to Huntington Beach where we bought milkshakes at Ruby's at the end of the pier and enjoyed a beautiful sunset.  We thoroughly enjoyed spending time with our California relatives!  (I'm terrible at being on the look out for Kodak Moments, which is why I have NO pictures of my cousin Ali and her boyfriend and my lovely Aunt Karen. :-(

The pictures below were taken when we were visiting my cousins and their families, my Aunt Cheryl and my Grandma and Grandpa Steele, in the Phoenix area.  They took us hiking one day and the weather was perfect and the scenery, beautiful.

See?  I told you the weather was perfect!

My cousin Eric regaled the guys with disgusting, albeit entertaining, tales from the fire department.

Anna became fast friends with my cousins' daughters- Laynie and Gracie.  She's already written letters to them!

Charlie, my cousin Amy's husband, talked Ryley into a mohawk.  He didn't have to do much convincing.  Charlie gives a mean mohawk!

 I was SO thankful to spend time with three of my four beautiful cousins.  (I missed Diana, as she lives in Seattle with her family.)  They look amazing...I look like I just rolled out of a camper.

Great Grandma LOVES her great grandchildren (and her grandchildren, too, I'm pretty sure;-)

The view toward Maricopa

Looking toward Phoenix

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