Monday, February 17, 2014

Adventures in the Sun Part 3: The Grand Canyon

This is the last post in a three-post series regarding our recent family vacation to the sunny south.  The following pictures are beautiful and meaningful to our family and while I post them here to share with you, I also post them here because we have no external hard drive linked to our computer.  I don't really know why we don't, we just don't.  We live dangerously around here.

Unlike our home, our RV was equipped with a microwave so we stocked up on microwave popcorn and made our way to our KOA RV park outside of the Grand Canyon.  We logged onto the wifi and streamed The Man From Snowy River on Netflix.  Unfortunately our laptop speakers provided little volume so we all strained to hear it.  Things sure cleared up once everyone finished their popcorn.  While we watched the movie we were serenaded by a pack of coyotes outside the camper!

Look closely at the following three pictures, paying attention to Anna, in the purple sweatshirt: 

Imagine my horror, as I watched from afar, to see Anna coming quickly down the rock.  I thought she was going to push Jeremy off the cliff!

Here we are (above) at the start of Bright Angel Trail which leads down to the bottom of the canyon.

I bravely walked out to a point from which I prayed I would not fall.  It would have been the end of a wonderful life.  Notice, I cannot make myself stand straight up.  I must have figured hunching would help keep my center of gravity lower.

We're so thankful to have been blessed with a beautiful and memorable family vacation.

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