Saturday, February 9, 2008

Field Trips-Hawaiian Style

We snuck in at the Robinson Sugar Plantation, which is no longer in use. There were barbed wire fences around the plantation, but we squeezed in between and went on a little self-guided tour. We saw all kinds of things here...and we got out before we awoke the bats that were surely sleeping in some of the buildings. We decided it was good we weren't there at night; that would have been scary. (Well, at least, Anna and I decided that. The boys wanted to go back after dark!) There were all kinds of strange noises...a perfect place for an active imagination!

We visited Pearl Harbor, something we'll never forget. The boys really enjoyed that field trip.

At Barking Sands, a beautiful beach off-the-beaten-path (16 miles of sand!) we were the only people in sight! We built an amazing sand castle there, and some of us really got into body surfing in the incredible waves. (That's were the rainbow pic. is taken)

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