Saturday, February 16, 2008

Lego Creators

Here are some recent Lego pics. The boys have been enjoying building since we got home. I think Josiah realized after our trip that he was in Lego withdrawal. He didn't seem to notice while in Hawaii, but upon returning, he locked himself in the Lego Room right away. (That room was formerly known as the "school room", but it has been commandeered and is now funtioning as Lego Headquarters... and my sewing room, but the risk of stepping on an "explosive" -the little culprits that cause me to explode with anger- keeps me from entering very often.)


The Keller Troop said...

Hey guys! I am so glad your mom posts pictures of you with your Lego creations...they are truly amazing and I think you are both brilliantly creative. Just promise me that you will sped a little time with Tov and teach him the ropes of Legoing. I really want him to get into it and you two would be inspiring teachers.

Jill said...

As always, you guys make amazing creations! It was also great to hear about your drama/musical at church- your mom said you all did great! Love you all.
Grandma H.