Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Today we made two different batches of sugar cookies (one gluten free and one with wheat flour) and decorated them for our fun day tomorrow. We're going to hang out with some friends at their house, then we'll pop in and drop off some treats for some other friends. Then Ryley has Scouts (so we'll see if there are enough to share there) and we even have some for Home Group tonight and some for dad to take to work tomorrow!
The real fun came when we got to the cut out part and I realized that the heart shaped cutter that I once owned was no where to be found! I ended up cutting them out with the paring knife! I made one ginormous one for Jeremy ;-) and some cute tiny ones, so it worked out fine.


The Keller Troop said...

I love you all! What an fantastic picture! I am supposed to be making cookie dough right now but am having too much fun reading blogs...I want to bring a bunch of Valentines cookies to the guys at break time tomorrow. I better get on the ball or else I will be sooo frazzled in the morning - that would really squelch my festive spirit! Sarah - it looks like you have mastered the perfectly symmetrical freehand heart. Nice job! XoxOXoxXo

April said...

Sarah - I can't believe you cut out hearts by hand and they look like good hearts!!! I bought a cookie cutter & we didn't even use it...maybe tomorrow since it's the actual day?.... hmmm - no, probably not. :)