Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ehh...What's Up, Doc?

I told the kids recently that they are allowed to get veggies any time they want, without asking, for a snack. This is so helpful in encouraging them to eat more produce each day. (Thanks, mom, for doing this when we were little!!) Carrots aren't Isaac's favorite veggie (actually, he prefers broccoli), but a while ago when I was unloading the produce coop box, he requested that I keep the tops on the carrots instead of snapping them off as usual...and Voila!! Isaac's eating carrots!
(Please take notice of our little "grow operation", as Jeremy calls it, in the background. Do you think we'll EVER get to plant these seedlings outside?)

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Anonymous said...

Who would of thought huh !!! Yeah as for the planting out side , I'm...... thinking not so much. I think maybe your hubby needs to bulid you a in-door field , just think then you could grow year around. Love the new pictures , love you all tons Ruth