Thursday, April 17, 2008


"All men who have turned out worth anything have had the chief hand in their own education."

-Sir Walter Scott

This morning I was mixing up some granola to stick in the oven and Anna was playing with the Scrabble tiles. (She's been having so much fun spelling words with those tiles lately.)
I turned around and walked past the table and this is what I saw. I asked Ryley who spelled all those names. He said that the other three spelled the ones they could, and he helped them spell the rest. This is the HEART and CORE of Leadership Education!! These little pieces of "fruit" in my kids' lives are what spur me on to continue on the course of a Thomas Jefferson Education!!


DeLong House said...

Sweet! I am going to get our scrabble tiles out. It'll be fun to see what my boys end up spelling. By the way your main picture is very cool. Where was that taken?

Sarah said...

The picture on the very top of the blog page was taken in Halibut Cove last summer. We have some very generous friends who invited us to go stay with them in their cabin...AWESOME memories. (The starfish were caught when Jeremy jumped into the cold Alaska ocean waters up to his armpits and scooped up eleven or twelve for the kids. Some of them drug them around forever, and by the time our trip ended, they were squshy and disgustingly stinky.)