Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy Spring, Part 2

Yesterday (Wednesday) was beautiful. We enjoyed our first of many lunches out in the back yard in the sun. We read a book during lunch, then the kids hopped down and ran back to continue working on their tree fort. Alas, this weather is not quite here to stay...the forecast for the weekend is rain mixed with SNOW!!


DeLong House said...

Snow!!?? Ugh! All the snow finally melted out of our yard, not really looking forward to a new coat of it.

Jill said...

What a beautiful tree house! How strong are those stairs? And, your Al Fresco lunch! Amazing, and I'm jealous. Well, the sun is setting on the bay and the sky is all pink over toward Whistler. It is beautiful. There are a couple ships in the harbor and their lights are one, and I have to go write a paper! UGH. Love you all.
Grandma H.

Anonymous said...

The lunch looks very nice wish I we could come over an denjoy it with you all !!!You will have to take a pic of the tree house for me when they are all done. I love you guys and miss you tons, give my babies kisses from Aunt Ruthie