Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Natural Consequences

We're big on "natural consequences" around here. Basically to us that means that the punishment should fit the crime. And I think carefully about discipline (or at least I try!) before dishing it out.
We have a rule about not playing with mama's camera. Well, the other day, Josiah broke it. The rule, not the camera. Because he's not Isaac, (who would be egged on by finding such a picture of himself on the family blog), I think this "punishment" is a good example of natural consequences. Most good pictures on my camera eventually find themselves on my blog. This pic. is no different.
Incidentally, does he remind anyone of anyone???


Elizabeth said...

All I can say is WOW!! Not only does he look like his uncle, but he apparently acts a bit like him too :D

Jill said...

Okay. Josiah, I now know exactly WHY I've made mistakes and called you "Nathan" when I've been around you. You've inherited many things from him; looks, hair, humor, riding skills, and good ol' Horsman charm! Well, Horsman/Coke charm. No matter WHAT the photo, I'm still glad to be your Grandma! Love you.