Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Joey Charlos

Josiah has found an intriguing new way to study.
Josiah has been enjoying taking some online classes this school year.

Anna found a willing student!

One day while grocery shopping at Fred Meyer, Josiah heard some snoring, peeked around the end of the aisle, and found this guy taking a catnap on a display recliner after enjoying a snack from the deli.  Ever the quick-thinker, Josiah loudly whispered, "Mom!  Quick!  Give me your phone.  I gotta get a picture of this guy."   We were sure our stifled snickering would wake him, but we were wrong.  It wasn't until an employee shook him that he awoke from his sweet slumber.

1 comment:

Rissi said...

Ah, Josiah - your studying pose looks rather uncomfortable. :)

Love that you found that guy at the store - that made me smile. :)

Love you,
Uncle Mike, Aunt Lind and Marissa