Monday, January 28, 2013

New Garage

Everyone has been helping with the garage project on our property.  Jeremy got a lot done over his Christmas break and it is almost fully enclosed.  This week the building lumber package for the house will be delivered to the garage and he'll start framing!

 We're up on the second floor of the garage, which will be the bonus room.  We're thinking about using it for a band room so the electric guitar and full drum set can be a little more, uummm, removed from the rest of the house.

 Anna, pulling nails.  The small building
behind her is the generator shed.  We're
thankful to have the generator, as we still
don't have electricity.

                                          My new-to-us Suburban, waiting for its new home.

                                     .The (dark and blurry) view from the second floor.


Linda Worden said...

We had such a special few hours over supper this evening with your parents. I know you must be excited about having them move to Alaska near you. We loved hearing about their past and present and future ministry. Such a great friendship even though we are not often together. Maybe next time in Alaska? I will be thinking seriously about that for sometime in the next few years. Happy for your garage progress and all else in your world.

Rissi said...

Great post, you guys (Sarah). Hope to continue to watch your progress here. :)

Ironically, Uncle Mike was just asking the other day if we'd heard how the progress was going on your new property. Glad to see it's moving along well.

Love ya!

Jill Horsman said...

It looks awesome! And we had a great time with Wordens!