Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Social Organizer

Isaac takes after Jeremy in many ways. Just like his dad used to do, Isaac often requests that we invite certain people over to the house. Jeremy's mom says that little Jeremy used to ask after church, "Mom, who's comin' over for dinner today?... No one? What? We'll let's invite..." And off he'd scoot to invite someone, ANYone, over for dinner.
Recently, Isaac's been requesting to have the Palins over for a meal with us. Heck, he reasons, they have to eat anyway, right? Might as well be with us! We do have several "connections" with them, as several friends are friends with them, or at least Sarah's parents. Given that tiny thread of hope by a friend who said, "I could hook you up", Isaac has not let up on this idea. I keep "poo pooing" his grand scheme and this morning when he asked again, I let him down with the information that she's out of state. "What?" he exclaimed. "She was JUST HERE the other day! Where has she gone now??"


Jill said...

Might be a good experience for your future President of a son! Let us know if it happens. You may have to go and purchase new clothes before she comes, just so everyone is dressed as nicely as she is, since only VP presidential candidate women have nice clothes!

Sarah said...

Actually, Isaac isn't gonna be Prez, it's Josiah who will be, unless the Lego Inventor gig pans out.