Monday, November 10, 2008

Riding Lessons With Grandpa Horsman

One of the many fun things we did while G&G Horsman were here was riding lessons. My kids LOVE riding (several REALLY love it) and wish they had the opportunity more often. I grew up riding from the time I was three, and it's kinda sad to me that it's such a "treat" when they do get to ride, when, for my siblings and me, it was more of a responsibility! I feel like I've got those annoying "city kids" who used to come visit the barn at the camps where we lived. We always felt kinda sorry for them. BUT...the cost of owning a horse in Alaska does NOT appeal to me, so for now, it really is a "treat" for once in awhile.

Thanks for the lessons, Grandpa!!!! And thanks for loaning Destiny, Uncle Nate!!

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Jill said...

It was a great time riding. Wish we lived closer; they could come over every week for riding. Every day, get it! Hey, all you Cokes. You looked pretty fantastic on that horse. Yes, ALL the Cokes that rode! Love you. G. H.