Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Concerning Critters

***Ryley's Bearded Dragon was his 10th birthday present from us. He named her Angel, because she loves to sit on his shoulder. Recently, she's figured out how to escape her home, waking Ryley up in the middle of the night as she crawls/jumps around on his bookshelf.

***Hercules, the Emperor Scorpion, is just a joy to have in our family :-~ (Thanks, Bobbie) All in all, he's pretty quiet and happy, as long as he can suck the insides out of the occasional cricket.

***Lewis II, the Hermit Crab, is the successor of Lewis (of Lewis and Clark, our first Hermits). After bringing them home from the pet store, securing a home for them, and leaving for baseball, they escaped. Upon returning, we were up "way past bedtime" searching for them. As it turned out, they were on a little exploration. They were found in Ryley's room, beside the book, Around the World in Eighty Days, by Jules Verne. The boys named them appropriately. (Sadly, they've both passed on. They were flushed to their watery graves.) We're hoping Lewis II stays safely at home.

***Pike (which neams, "girl" in Norwegian) is not pictured, as she is your typical black lab. Her main claim-to-fame is that she can open our front door. Now if we can just teach her to shut it...

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