Thursday, November 8, 2007

My Blessed Life

I've been thanking God lately for the blessings He's poured out on me. After a particularly difficult week last week, and several days of venting my anger and disappointment to God, I've been seeking to recognize and acknowledge His abundant love for me. What a beautiful life I lead! What more could I possibly want? My amazing husband is so attentive to me. He works so incredibly hard so I can not only feed my family, but buy a pair of shoes on a whim. He has eyes only for me, and he communicates that very well ;-) He supports and encourages me with my endeavors to encourage my kids' education. He listens when I call him, crying with frustration, right during his lunch break!
Our four beautiful children are definitely a "quiver full". Sometimes when the "quiver" is bursting at the seams with wrestling and pillow fights amongst piles and piles of Legos, I wonder at these little "blessings". Then in the quiet, tender one-on-one moments, my eyes well up with tears and the lump in my throat prevents me from speaking.
What did I do to deserve this? Absolutely nothing. That is the beauty of my Jesus.


Elizabeth said...

Hey!! Great job on the looks fantastic! See, you're more techy than you thought. We love you guys are we're glad to have you. Love, Elizabeth

The Keller Troop said...

I am so thrilled that you have decided to become a blogger. I was apprehensive at first but have grown to love it. I thought it would be a good way to share our life with others (which it is) but I didn't realize how satisfying it would be for me just to write and express my thoughts regardless who's looking. I think you will feel the very same. You always have such wonderful insight and I look forward to hearing more of Sarah's heart.

Jill said...

Sarah and Jeremy....
GREAT blog. We've resisted the urge to create a blog, but it is only a matter of time. Maybe when I'm done with my classes and have a bit of breathing room. It does take some time when you are on dial-up, but we have loved seeing your photos. Now we can go to TWO family blogs.
Sarah, tell us about your music ministry at church now?
Jeremy, love the new hat. Would you like a winter one to match, perhaps a Christmas present?

Love you both. You are doing a fantastic, amazing job at parenting. Keep up the good work.
Mom H